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Birmingham, AL


Since 1998, Baddley & Mauro, LLC has been committed to representing clients in complex civil litigation cases, including class action, franchise, and general business litigation, in both state and federal courts in Birmingham,  Alabama.

History of Success

With over 20 years of experience, Baddley & Mauro has handled many cases involving substantial verdicts and settlements. Here is a sampling of those successes:

o   Manufacturing Company – 8-figure settlement on behalf of minority shareholders – Franklin County, AL

o   Bobby Norwood v. The Citizens Bank of Lawrence County, Alabama, CV-96-158,  1 million dollar jury verdict – defamation – Lawrence County, AL

o   Karen Brackin v. Family Security Credit Union, et al., CV-2000-404 - 1 million dollar jury verdict – defamation – Morgan County, AL

o   Samuel Wiggins, et al. v. Birmingam Parking Authority, et al., Jefferson County, AL,  CV 98-07543- $500,000.00 jury verdict – Jefferson County, AL

o    Serra Chevrolet, Inc., v.  Leon Edwards et al., Jefferson County, ALCV 98-2089- 12 million dollar jury verdict including attorneys’ fees – Jefferson County, AL

o   D2K et al.  v. American Suzuki Motor Company – 6-figure settlement on behalf of a dealer involving a fraudulent stair-step incentive program that was manipulated to the detriment of the dealer.– Jefferson County, AL         

o   Tidwell v. APAC-Southeast et al., CV-2009-50 – 6 figure jury verdict against contractor for failure to remediate land partially used for state highway – Lauderdale County, AL

o  Residential Construction Cases – 6-figure jury verdict recovered from mortgage lender as a result of the lender paying for defective and incomplete construction work.  

o Numerous Construction Defect Cases – where settlement amount exceeded the value of the homes, house cases involving structural defectsoq

o  Wrongful Foreclosure - successfully litigated claims involving a bank illegally foreclosing on a clients home in violation of state and federal law.  

o  Successfully prosecuted and defended arbitration cases – various counties in AL.

o  Arbitration Settlement – 7-figure settlement recovered on behalf of seventy (70) clients against a financial advisor who sold unsuitable products in violation of state and federal law.

o  Representing Numerous Attorney’s and Law Firms – in litigation and State Bar matters

o  Business Dissolution and Partnership Disputes – successfully negotiated – Various counties, AL

o  Shareholder Rights/Minority Oppression – 7-figure settlement involving minority shareholders and family related business entities – Alabama and Tennessee.

o  Consumer case – settlement on behalf of consumer where a bank forced placed insurance on the home mortgage – Alabama.

o Convenience Stores – settlements on behalf of multiple convenience stores relating to oil and gas disputes – Chilton County, AL

o  Class Action – Served as court appointed Receiver over mortgage Ponzi scheme; involving managing sub-prime real estate portfolio of hundreds of properties in Alabama; resulting settlement in excess of $10 million dollars  

o  Estate Cases – Successfully defended administrator/executrix against claims of waste, and maladministration

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